Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Have A Terrorist In My Car!!! Help!!

Help! Help! I am totally at a lost at what to do to get baby Ryan sit in his car seat without bursting into tears!! I really envy those lucky mommies out there that can have their baby sit in the car seat without bursting into tears.

You see, I have to ferry my 2 girls to and fro their enrichment class which is in the East (a good 25 minutes journey when there's no jam) and baby Ryan will cry non-stop when strapped in his car seat. I have to really try my best to turn a deaf ears to his crying, actually more of screaming nowadays. Its really tough to concentrate on driving with a screaming baby in the car and I'm so lucky that no accident so far *touch wood*, only 2 tickets for speeding from "cops on the top" just because I want to reach home fast so I can carry/ soothe that poor boy.

He was never like that when he was a baby. I still remember he would quietly sleep through or even laid on his baby car seat when we drove up to Kuala Lumpur in June. That was a good few hours drive but not a single sound from him at that time.

Even when he was 3 months old, he was able to sit in there without making any sound as long as my car was moving. Whenever I stop, he will gave out warning sound but stop once the car moved.

And when he was 4 months old, sometimes he will cry even when my car was moving and I tried playing some familiar songs for him and that does the trick.

But now, at 5 months old, my gosh! He will cry and scream no matter what we do and however the 2 jiejies tried to entertain him in the car. It makes the 2 jiejies sometimes very irritated.

Poor thing, right?? And those uncles that stop beside us whenever we were at the traffic lights will give me a funny look. Hello!? Do you think I want to let my baby cry until this way?? If the government allows me to carry the baby in one hand and drive, I would have done that. And it definitely solve the problem..but too bad, I can't!

Then, I saw this car toy in the Takashimaya kid's sales and bought it for a try. Hoping that it will at least help to distract and provide some entertainment for him.

It seems to fulfilled it task for the 1st week! When we placed him on the car seat, he will still cry but once he got hold of the little chick's feet, he stop as he will stuffed that in his mouth.

But after a week, even the little chick's leg cannot help. And now, every time I drive, he will be crying in better days or screaming in bad days. The only time I can have a peaceful drive is when he was sound asleep before entering the car. Everyone will try to keep as quiet as possible for fear of waking him. But I couldn't possibility wait for him to sleep every time.

His voice had turn hoarse with all the screaming. Anyone with good advice how to soothe him while I'm driving? Sometimes, I just hope I can press a button and my car will be transported to our destination right away!

Please rule out hunger as I always make it a point to feed him first before we embark on this tiring journey.


Angeline said...

Hey Mommy,
can I do a checklist here, as to Why is he crying?
- His motion sickness got worse, that's why he is so uncomfortable.
- His separation anxiety has increased.
- He doesn't like the smell of the car. (did you guys changed the car fragrance recently?)
- Is there something on the car seat that is poking him? Even a tiny sand can cause great discomfort to a baby.

First, need to find the reason.

If its the first, hmmm... Mommy, then you are in for a challenge. Try to make him sleep before going into the car. I know sometimes its not possible.

If its the second, then all you need is to improve on your distracting-items, which is an endless list man! If one week is the threshold, then change every week. You don't need to spend money... (if you need this 'endless' list, let me know)

If its the 3rd or 4th then I think you should know what to do.

miche said...

He is exactly like my 3yo son when he was at his age. The moment he is being placed in the car seat, he will screaming his lung out until we arrived our destination. The only thing that can make him stop is, I start my journey during his nap time. Well, he will stop soon, maybe in a month or two.

---andy--- said...


not sure whether car-seat is uncomforable for your child, or he will automatically scream in any car seats :P

I guess we can only try to distract him.
- let him share coin box, or sweets anything which produces music

- in dvd player with his fave cartoons? Can borrow from friends and trial first?

My kids were easier, as they always have a elder sibling role-model.

**no matter what, pls do not speed.
It does not help.

little prince's mummy said...

Hope the toys will get him entertaining thoughout the journey...

Aunty Serena said...

Hmm, off-hand, I can think of rotating toys, like Angeline mentioned.

If it's separation anxiety, you could try this. Buy one of those ginormous mirrors that can be mounted onto the headrest that is facing him. Then angle it so that he can see your rear view mirror, and both of you can see each other. Maybe that will help... for him to know you're there.

Another thing is... if it is motion sickness, then maybe you shouldn't feed him so full if he is going for a car ride? But he hasn't actually thrown up right?

Is he feeling warm?

That's all I can think of right now... praying that he will settle soon. Sometimes, once their heads are strong enough to be turned around to forward facing, they are happier cos they can see out... so hopefully that day will come soon.

Baby Darren said...

Oh poor you...I can understand the stress you are going through when driving. But no matter what, pay attention to the road coz accident can just happened in a split second.

Sorry can't provide any help here but maybe u can rotate the toys that put in the car. Maybe now he is bored with the little chick and needs some new replacement toys. Try some teether too.

Blessed mum said...

Hi Angeline/ Serena

3rd & 4th are ruled out. So i left with 1st and 2nd.

1st - how do i know if he has motion sickness as he never throw up?

2nd, which is more likely the case..but I tried placing in the front passenger's seat (still back facing) so that he can see me and I can talk to him when I stop at junction..but still the same.

However, today, Nicholas sat next to him and he was okay till Nicholas play a little too rough on him..

But Nicholas won't be wif me all the time when I fetch the 2 girls to their enrichment classes..

BoeyJoey said...

Oh dear, I see him cry also I "sum tong", what if it's you...

Can try soothing him with a pacifier and slow soothing music?

Moomykin said...

Hope you get this sorted....

I am still having it sweet with my 7 month old in the car seat because I don't take him out everyday, so it's somewhat like a treat to him still.

All the best, Mommy.
Praying your baby will settle soon.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh dear...poor baby and mommy. it's funny that he likes it initially and now screaming away. I hope you are able to find a solution soon :)

LZmommy said...

Oh dear! Baby Ryan still cries when you drives? Poor mommy... Must be hard for you to concentrate. Hope you have solved the 'mystery' to why he cries.

I mentioned to you before Beanie was like that too when he was a newborn. Now, if he cries (which is seldom, phew!), I just have to offer him a snack while I drive.

Oh! Please don't put him in the front seat, coz of airbag. If TP sees it, you will be fine too. Sorry me being kaypoh :p I know it coz I used to liaise with them.

Pet said...

How about installing a mini tv in the car so that he can watch while you drive? My son gets irritated when he has to seat too long, but the tv keep him and his sis entertain.

My daughter also doesn't like to sit in the car seat. When she was small, we had to particularly 'force' her inside. Now, it's much better...because of the tv. :-)

Blessed mum said...

LZmommy - how can u say u kaypoh!!?? I appreciate all advice. Knew it was against the rule but just thot of giving it a try to see if he will be ok if i put him in the front seat so that he can see me..but too bad, it didn't work out.

PET- we had TV in the car but due to his age, his seat had to be back-facing..thus can view the tv at all, can only listen to the sound which we tried but no avail.

KoLe said...

can't help much here.
perhaps he is now at the stage where he is more curious about his surroundings? and he can't see much from where he is??
perhaps.... *gasp* portable dvd playing his fav disc will help? (or install one permanently in your car?)

KoLe said...

oops.. sorry.. miss our ur comment abt already having a tv in car.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Poor boy. You mean he will keep crying through the journey?

I did not have such experience as Sarah only started to sit on car seat at a very later stage (I think about 1 yr old plus) and all the time my husband will be driving.

Angeline said...

Motion sickness need not be manifested through vomiting, eg. like nausea? Feel like vomiting but nothing comes out. So when there is distraction, that 'feeling' may be 'out of focus'... my 2nd BIL is like that, according to my MIL.

By putting him NEXT to you is worse!!! Cos he can SEE you and he must be truly MAD 'cos "Why is Mommy NOT carrying me!!!???"

For babies this small, separation anxiety means physical touch, not physical 'look'. *giggle*

** Hey girl, I've got a Honest Scrap Award for you at my Children's Blog. Go claim it! *Grin*

4malmal said...

Perhaps it's their way to testing the adults? If whenever they cry, they will be picked up, then this is what they understand from us. when we first went over to US when Malcolm was 18 mths...he cried whenever we put him in his car seat but we had no choice cos in the States, all children need to sit in their car seats. And slowly he sort of got used to his car seat and he could sit in his seat for hours when we go for road trips.
Maybe we just need to get pass the crying stage.
Marcus sometimes cries while I m driving, but i have no choice but to let him do so. It is indeed distracting and stressful but I am using the same method to make him understand that he will not be picked up even if he cries cos Mummy is driving.
just sharing my experience

Blessed mum said...

4malmal - thanks for your sharing. I totally agrees with you and like you, i can tolerate his crying but daddy can't. :(

Anyway, so glad that he is able to sit in there without crying for a good part of the journey now.


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