Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Ryan @ 5 1/2 months old

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Went to Paed for his 5 month old check up. Yes, we are 2 weeks late due to his cough/ runny nose as we do not want to give him any injection when he is unwell.

Anyway, his weight still hovers around the 7kgs but he definitely shoot longer within the last 2 months. He is now 66.6cm "long" !

Paed accessed his development and was very happy with him. Baby Ryan can now "sit" unsupported for at least a minute and he is also able to lift his chest up when placed on his tummy. He had started wriggling backward too. When Paed asked if he is wary of stranger, I told I don't think so as he smile at everyone but he sure know who the "cow" is. Goofy

Paed had a look at his skin and confirmed that he had enzyma (Is that the correct spelling) and advised us to apply lotion for him more often. Hmm..wonder where all the Bird nest gone to.. I was told that when expecting, consuming bird nest will help give baby nice skin, so why the enzyma??

His hernia is better now but his left eyes still has some discharge. I was told to continue to apply pressure message on the side of the bridge 3 times a day till no more discharge.

After all the checking, its time for his 6-in-one vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine. Again, this time, they had to poke 2 needles at one go! I was holding him this time round and I dared not even look when they poked. He cried just for a while but quiet down fast.

Some development of his to note down:-

* He laughs when I sing "round and round the garden, goes the teddy bear..." he will giggle loudly as he knows I'm gonna tickle him.

* He is my only baby that is not frighten of balloon. In fact, he will laugh loudly when we bring the balloon near him.

* He is able to "sit" with korkor when we had our story time. He will kicks his legs and moves his hands excitedly when he sees us holding a storybook.

* Still need to wake up for night feed, twice a night.

* During the day, he will wake up from his nap crying. When we carry him, he will pee..and after changing him, he goes back to sleep. will he be the easist baby to train bladder control??

* He baby talk a lot to himself too. Now when I'm busy in the office, will place him on his play mat and he will "talk" to his animal friends for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Ohh..its so so cute!

* But he is also a TERROR when he is in the car. Shall talk about it in my next post.


Sasha said...

its good that he can entertain himself while you're working. He's a nice kid:)

mommy to chumsy said...

aww...he is such a cutie pie :)

Angeline said...

He DEFINITELY know who the 'cow' is.... *laugh*

I'm so happy to hear about his progress. Doing really well. Well done Moo Moo... *giggle*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

How time flies...Ryan will be ready for solid food next month.

He loves listening to story at this young age. Clever boy!

miche said...

mine smiles at everyone too! extra friendly. i wonder this has got to do with the born in the golden cow's year. hehehe.

how nice if mine can entertain himself too.

Blessed mum said...

Miche - my got no choice, has to learn to entertain himself cos mommy has to work. :)

giddy tigress said...

wow he has really grown! :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Baby C had eczema too. I applied Aqua cream and Rosken Dry Skin Relief. Both worked very well on her skin. My #2 had eye discharge too when she was an infant. After a while, it went away.

BS said...

It's quite usual for babies to wake for night feeds, unless they're "trained". Wow, he's brave to tolerate 2 needles at one go! why it has to be 2 jabs at one go? yap, sounds "torturing" :)

BoeyJoey said...

I love the photo where Baby Ryan is posing like a "superman"! :-)

I too took bird's nest during my pregnancies, and both my kids had eczema... I found that applying lotion after every bath (even when the ezcema does not flare up) works.

Pet said...

My son till now has discharge coming out from the eye. Only the left eye. I can continue to apply pressure on the bridge or need to see paede? Previously when checked paede said it's all right.

Ya, need to call up my paede and check.

Leona said...

I like the picture of Ryan doing the "Look, Ma.. no hands!" stunt on his tummy.


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