Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday celebration @ home

The 25 mini car cupcakes was only part of the reason why he look forward to his birthday. The main draw was this! A big cake with 3 big racing cars!

Coincidentally, the number on one of the car is the same as ours and my BIL thought we had sent in a special request, which we of course did not.

We had to celebrate a day late as hubby was out of town. Really testing my boy's patience which is surprisingly good! Although the cake was in the fridge and tempting him each time he opens the door, he knew he had to wait for daddy to be home for the cake cutting and he made no further attempt to touch the "temptation"...(car)

See how brightly he smiled for the camera. He was really super duper happy when I took out the cake and placed it on the table. The picture really show him smiling from inside out.

This is a very beautiful photo of them. You might not be able to see it but Nicholas was the first to place his hands on both his jiejie's shoulder, pulling them closer for a good shot.

My four beautiful kids! Just noticed both Rachel and Nicholas have the same type of smile. Big wide smile.

4 candles lighted and lights off for the birthday songs....

blowing off each candle all by himself...

and insisting to cut the cake too by himself, signs of him being a really big boy now.

Posing with all his presents. His jiejie bought him presents too!

The Chugginton are from his sisters and the Gordon (his favourite) is from "Ryan"

A TRAINTASTICS Day for my boy!

Happy birthday Nicholas!!!


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Your kids are all so beautiful! Really envious! Happy birthday to Nicholas and he is SUCH a big, handsome boy now!

TheBlueRanger said...

Happy Birthday to Nicholas. I'll be happy like him too to get such a nice cake.

BoeyJoey said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nicholas. This set of photos are beautiful, especially the one with 4 of your kids together :-)


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