Friday, September 24, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #18

The topic for this week is about "Community helpers". They talked about various occupations related to that topic. Listed below are some of the occupations that was discussed:
  • Firefighters are rescuers extensively trained primarily to put out hazardous fires that threaten civilian populations and property, to rescue people from car incidents, collapsed and burning buildings and other such situations.
  • A postal worker is one who works for a post office, such as a mail carrier.
  • A police officer also known as a policeman or policewoman is a warranted employee of a police force.
  • A soldier is a member of the land component of national armed forces; they have various employment roles such as paratrooper, ranger, engineer, etc.
  • A lifeguard is a person responsible for overseeing the safety of the users of a body of water and its environs, such as a swimming pool, a water park, or a beach.
  • A librarian is an information professional trained in library and information science, which is the organization and management of information services or materials for those with information needs.
Doing his worksheet. This week revision is on identifying the beginning sounds of f,b,s,l & b.

They also tried a new game, the 3-legged race. It was rather tricky for the children but they had lots of fun in the process.

In addition to that, the children were brief about the centre's upcoming fund raising event, the Rainbow Connection Fun Fair. They are encouraging the children to learn to share similarities and to celebrate differences.

On a side note, the centre even organised a half day visit from the Rainbow centre to come and mingle with the Kindie kids!

For Chinese lesson, their topic for the week is on Doctor. They craft work was to 利用废纸盒制作医药箱. And 用所有关于医务上的用具,让学生们选择角色,进行表演.

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