Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ryan @ 17months

Ryan @ 17 mth

FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!! He uttered his FIRST proper words!!! *phew* What a relieve! I was so worried that he really need to go for hearing check-up.

So the words that came out of his "golden" mouth are:-

"o per" for open
Phonic sound "P" for Percy
The 2 clearest words he can pronounced is neither "pa" nor "ma", which sadly he still refuses to say. Rather the 2 most accurately pronounced words from him are "This" and "There"!

With so few vocabulary he can said, he uses lots of sign languages. For example, he will indicates "come" with opening and closing of fist; pulling us to the stuff that he wants to show us, at night when he is tired, he will crawls on top of me and point at my breast/tummy indicating suckling time.

He loves to dance to the song of Thomas and Friends and Chugginton. He will moves his hands in a way as if he was playing a imaginative piano and his favourite character is Percy. Whenever he sees Percy in trouble, he will be very scared and cringed on to whoever is within his grab. (The 2 girls loves it and will always "fight" to be near him whenever they expect him to do it.) He will even cry when he sees Percy crashed (in the movie).

He loves and only reads Thomas and Chugginton's storybooks. Gave him anything else, he will walk off. So, not surprising that he is able to recognise all the common engines (even Terrance the Tractor and Bertie the Bus) in both cartoons.

His temper is indisputably the most terrible among the 4 kids but being the youngest, he gets away with everyone (except mommy, of course). The 2 girls "fight" for his attention and normally Rachel will win the "fight" cos my dear Charmaine is just simply not good with little ones although she loves them.

Since the beginning of this month, he starts to laugh in a very hearty the one capture on the photo above.

He love sticks; twig; pen and likes scribbling....just like Rachel. Wonder will he be another Rachel?

Just observed 2 new things of him...he loves playing with his belly button and switching on switches! He fiddles with his belly button when he drinks his milk and even during his sleep! Sometimes, while still sleeping, he will lift up his shirt and fiddles it! The same urge goes for the switches. Whenever he sees a switch, he will have to go over and switched in on.

The 2 boys lying on the new Thomas's floor mat.


Alice Law said...

Awesome archievement!^-^ More to come!

Angelin said...

If he is another Rachel, I think it would be Awesome! *Grin*
'This' and 'That'?
That's so Advanced! At least its 'directional'...

unlike Keatkeat, his first clearest word was 'moon'. And I can only hear it after nightfall, and on certain nights, there aren't any moon at all. *eyes rolled*

BoeyJoey said...

yes, he looks like he has a very hearty laugh! what darling pictures! :-D


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