Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

No big celebration for the little one, the cake cutting was only attended by the residents of the house. Was Ryan bothered? Nope! His only concern is "when can I have my cake?!"

Even the cake was bought off the rack from Awfully Chocolate. This sinful cake costs me $50+! When we got home, then I realised that he had the same cake for his 1st birthday too!

The birthday boy couldn't wait for everyone to finish our dinner and kept going to the fridge. When finally his slow eating siblings finished their meals, he was eager to get a bite on the mouth watering cake. But it was not to be eaten right away... Not before a family photo and 3 birthday songs.....

and the cake cutting "ceremony"...

Oh! The packet of biscuit next to the cake was a birthday present from Charmaine. And Rachel got him this Mickey Mouse pyjamas.

Finally after being torture for so long... "能看不能吃", he finally got his big slice of cake! And look at his mouth!
This reminds me that he had the same messy mouth on his 1st birthday too!


Angeline said...

Awfully Chocolate cake is still my favourite by far and I have to agree that it is indeed on the 'high' side.

Ryan has grown so much!
I can imagine how satisfied he is when he finally can 能看,能吃. *laugh*

Happy Birthday Ryan!

BoeyJoey said...

Happy belated birthday, Ryan! He has grown so much! I remembered seeing him just born on this blog :-). Time pass really fast when you have little ones right? :-)


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