Monday, April 11, 2011

His Progress In School

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Ryan is now more cheerful in school and willing to bid us goodbye when we drop him off. He had build a good rapport with the teachers and they understood what he tried to say with gesturing.

His favorite part of the school is the Library corner. He will take a book and browse through it whenever its free play time and his able to turn the page one at a time using his finger tip.

During outdoor play, he likes standing at the gate watching the vehicles passes by and will shout in excitement "bus!" whenever he sees one! Water play is definitely one of his favorite activities. He is always looking forward to splash waters at his friends and teachers. At the same time, his physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination is improving.

He is able to carry out instruction given by the teachers too. When the teacher announces "It's clean up time!", he will quickly picks up the toys on the floor and put it back to their respective boxes and then, claps his hands in satisfaction.

He enjoys music and movement time too. When the music is on, Ryan will show off his skill in dancing!

He is an independent boy who is able to scoop his food and eats on his own during lunch time. He also knows how to place the plate into the bucket after he is done.

He is a very keen learner too. Whenever the teachers announces "It's lesson time!", he will quickly walk toward the mat and sit down. He then crosses his legs and folds his arm and nods his head when the teacher asked if he is ready.

When the teacher did some action during story time, he will always do it too.

Ryan is very attentive in his puzzle too and he has no problem doing all the puzzles (even the difficult ones) and when he completes the puzzle, he will smiled and clapped his hands!

Art and craft is another of his favorite activities and he doesn't mind getting his finger "dirty".

He is developing his social skill too. Sometimes, he will share the storybook with his friends and pointing to the animals as if they are trying to communicate with each other. They enjoy each other company while looking at the pictures. At times, they will giggle and nod their heads as if they shared common jokes.

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