Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ryan @ 24 months

He knows where his 手、脚、眼睛、耳朵、鼻子、嘴巴

For colours, he is able to recognise and point out the primary colours. He is able to say the "blue", "purr" (purple) and "ed" (red)

On animals, he knows most of the common animals like cow, sheep, hippo, zebra....the only accurate words he can say is "bird" and "duck" but I know he is trying to say the others too.
For cow, he will go "moo moo".
For dog and cat, he will go down on all fours and goes "woof woof" or "meow meow"

Other words that he can managed now are: Dig, pour, this, there, door, star, bag, dark, two, toe, walk. (I especially like to see his little mouth when he says the word "two" cute!)

Words that needs further fine tuning are: tor (kor kor), my (mine), bas (bus), dart (cut), tee (key), ba ber (bubbles), ut(up), tar(car), bao (carry), ber (ball), yeah (yes)

Other aspect:
He's also a very, very neat and tidy boy and will always put things back to their rightful place. He is the only one (with no training required) to place his shoes neatly, side-by-side each other when he help him removed it. The other 3 older kids had to be reminded time and again to put their shoes properly after removing them!

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