Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is Nicholas doing at Chess Competition?!

Chess tournament?? Nope! He is still not ready yet but I brought him along when the 2 girls had their competition. Oh..did I mentioned that he is learning chess too? Its been quite a while..he started in December last year.

Its his first time staying throughout the entire day (he came along previously but only for a short while). When the girls played, he played too with his One and Only opponent... ME.

And once he completed the game, he got to play on the ipad. One K2 boy was attracted to his ipad too and wanted to play with him. They decided to have a game of chess..

More boys crowded around when he played other games on the ipad...

So what about Ryan? Hubby brought him to the Zoo and they had a wonderful bonding time there too!

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