Monday, May 9, 2011

25 mths old update

Ryan 25<span class=

He looks so "big" boy in this handsome!!! (hee..mummy very thick-skin) He likes to act cool too by holding back his smile when we tries to make him smile.

He is FINALLY speaking!!! Hurray!!

Words he is able to say (whatever I can remember...) are:-

please, dun (don't) at the same time wags his finger / shakes his head, doe (go) and point at the direction he wants to go, Q or thank (thank you), bee, fly, bao bao (carry), blue, purr (purple), up, duck, dog, bye, tor (korkor)

He can be really stubborn and insist on till he gets what he wanted. We tried all ways from slow talking to ignoring to scolding but nothing work. What I did was just to let him cry for a while before picking him up and told him to stop. Sometimes, he stop and I gave him what he wanted but sometimes he just refused to stop and continue his tantrum fits.

He is also very independent in a kiddy way and has a mind of his own now. He will go to his cupboard and choose his own clothes and if we gave him another piece, he will refuse to put on and insist on the piece that he chosen. The same goes with his shoes.

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