Saturday, May 14, 2011

His First Horse Ride

horse ride @ zoo
The girls went for their classes and hubby brought the boys to the Singapore Zoo so that mummy dearest can have some "ME-Time". Been really tough coaching the 2 girls for their SA1 and now finally a break that I really look forward to.

Hubby had been very involved with the kids lately. In fact, every Saturday, he will take the boys either to the Zoo or for a swim. In the evening, he will bring the kids out for movie if there's any nice one...all this without me tagging along!

Photos taken by hubby while at the Zoo. Its the boys first horse ride and Ryan was either brave or ignorant. He just sat on t he horse without crying or struggling while Nicholas tried to find ways "escape" the ride.

Then later on, he went on the horse carriage thinking that hubby and Ryan will be coming along too but he was nervous when they didn't get on when the horse move. And after the ride, he tried to act brave too but hubby could see his nervous face.

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