Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full Day Trial for Ryan

After discussing with hubby, we decided to place Ryan on full day every Monday on top of his regular half day school. This is because Monday is the busiest day for me - work + ferrying the 2 girls around + grocery shopping.

So today was a trial day for him and I had told him in the morning that he will be sleep in school that afternoon. He did not say anything.

When I picked him up in the evening, his teacher said he was ok in the morning but cried in the afternoon after he wakes up looking for me. He also refuses to eat much for lunch and the teacher kept his lunch and fed him again after he wakes up. I carried him over asked him why he cried, he said in his pathetic voice "because I want you! I miss you!"...aiyo! This boy hor... really knows how to make me feel guilty!



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