Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nicholas - Recognition of Chinese Words

Nicholas's preschool Chinese teacher is doing a very good job in teaching them the Chinese character writing and reading. As compared to his sisters when they were in kindergarten, he is speaking very good complete sentence and thus, it didn't cross my mind in sending him for any enrichment classes. 

However, after hearing from friends their testimony about this enrichment center, decided to just send him there to enrich him further. And it is indeed very good. Even the girls commented that Nicholas is so lucky to have a good preschool teacher and now a good interesting enrichment center! 

In the center, they learned Chinese idioms every week in a fun way and he was so excited with what he had learned after the first lesson. 

He was so eager to show me what he had learned and we had this conversation... 

Nicholas : mummy, you know how what is the meaning of "人山人海"?! 
Me : hmm...let me think... is it "people mountain people sea" ? 
Nicholas: hahaha...I know you will say that! No, it means there is a lot of people, very crowded! 

The page that he read in the video was taught by the center and he was able to read it without any help after going through with him once at home.

Hope he will develop an interest in Chinese and will not struggle with it when he enters Primary school.


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