Sunday, April 29, 2012

9th Queenstown Age Group Chess Championship 2012

We were not expecting much from him for this event as he hasn't been playing well and also lack practising. I did not even bother to bring any camera except for the one that comes with my iPhone. Maybe without pressure or coming back to competitive chess after a long break, he did very well to win 3 1/2 pts out of 5 games, securing the 3rd place! It could also probably be that its only 5 round instead of the usual 6/7 rounds. Final Ranking result here.

The competition venue - Queenstown CC

His Category. There were supposed to be 14 players in all but 1 didn't turn up, so its 13 players competing.

The organizer was clever in motivating the kids to play well by displaying the trophies right in front of the playing area. Nicholas was in love of the big cup but at the same time, likes the tall ones. To him, its the height and size that matter!

Lunch break - Lunch was provided for the participants. A packet of Chicken Rice. His favourite and also save us the hassle of going out to get food. After lunch, took the chance to take a photo with the trophies.
His Game
He won the 1st round. 
He was paired with the Champion - Timothy on the 2nd round. Chances of winning : zero unless the opponent blunder. 
He drew with Mark, a rated player, on the 3rd. Think Mark was not himself that day. 
He went on to win the next 2 rounds. He was paired with Keith for the last round, *faint*. Both of them were "fighting" for the 3rd placing which comes with prize money of $20.00. Nicholas was excited when I told him that. He always envy his sisters getting money for competition and he doesn't. So not sure if it really was the power of money, he went in and gave a beautiful win!
His 3rd Place trophy...He was happy with it as its a "tall" one!
A photo with his friends..Congrats to all the winners. The other 2 boys were playing in the Primary Section. They were very kind to Nicholas and always looking after him.

He was excited and couldn't wait to open the envelope. So when he found nothing in there, he asked "mommy, you said I will get $20. But there is nothing inside. Can u give me the money?" I kept explaining to him that they will send a cheque to him but he still not able to gasp it.

When he got home, he narrated the whole thing (the envelope and the missing money) to his grandparent. They were amused by his acting when he showed them in his exaggerated way how he discovered the envelope was empty. Then he turned to me and said, "mummy, can you give me real $20 and put inside?"

Sigh, so that's it. Took out $20 and put in there. And he took it out and put it in his piggy bank.

He had said he wanted to use the money to buy himself a transformer - Sentinel Prime.  

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