Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ryan @ 36months... Happy Birthday!

His birthday cake is still those off-the-shelf one. The only change is it is no longer from Awfully Chocolate but from Swiss Bake (Cold Storage King's Albert Park). It is made of cream puff with a sugar bunny on it (being Easter Day). Well, either the kids were too full or the cake just not to their liking, each only had a small piece and rejected the second helping.

The birthday boy was all ready for photo taking and even joined in to sing his birthday song! So the song was "Ritardando" to match his tempo.

Emotional boy

He cried and cling on to me if I was not the one to fetch him to school.

He cried again when I drop him off in school.

He cried when I read the baby panda story to him... When the baby panda got lost.

He cried when I leave him at home and go out.

His crying can be so pitiful that it pained us hearing it but at the same time amused by his "manja". I was jokingly commenting to hubby that the way he cries is as if I was six feet under already. So I get the chance to hear/see it now instead of waiting till then.

He will says "I love mummy, I want mummy" or "I want you every day." out of the blue. *so sweet*

He will insist on waiting for me to come home to put him in bed. Even when my helper carried him up to his room, he will pace around in the room and grumbled to helper "I don't want you! I want my mummy every day!"


His list of spelling words had extended to a long one -
- long, short, tall, big, small,
- one, two, three, four, five,
- apple, banana, car, cat, ball, bell, dog, egg, fish, good, hat, he ... and the list goes on to water and zoo!

A cheeky moment when we taught him to spell "four". He found a way to remember this word by saying "F O you are 4!"  (F.o.u.r. 4)


When we read him books, he is able to spot these words and say it out. eg. He has a big ball. I will point at the word that he knows and he will say out the alphabet and end with the word, like 'H.E. he' and 'B.I.G. ball.'

He is able to read the common sight words like the, he ... without having to "spell" the word too.

His phonic is also developing very well. Like when I asked him to spell 'sand' he can spell it out with me sounding every alphabets to him even though its a new word to him.

Other areas

When he has difficulty doing, he is not shy to say "I don't know. You teach me." A very good attitude in learning!

When I asked the brother to do his homework (yes, homework in K2! *faint*) this little boy will rush out behind his brother and said "I want to do work too!" Now I wish this positive attitude will lasted all the way to his school years!

He enjoys doing puzzles, hidden pictures, tracing with fingers and spot the difference. Now need to work on his fine motor skill he dislike colouring and writing.


When I ask him to do colouring, he sometimes will give me his cheeky reply "I want to be lazy, mummy."

When he did something wrong like hitting his siblings (accidently), he is quick to apologise and if they still "angry", he will tell them and me this "I said 'sorry' already." Its his way of telling them cannot be angry and to avoid scolding from me as he had already apologised.

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