Friday, December 5, 2008

Dreamworld & White Water World - Day 6

After a tiring long day yesterday, we had initially planned to take a break today before going to White Water Water. However, after considering that if we don't go today (Friday) we will have to squeeze with all the kids on the weekend.

However, we did sleep in a little late and only moved off at around 11am after an early lunch. Hubby decided to rent a car and we drove to White Water World. Driving over here is rather easy, their Pacific Highway and Gold Coast Highway lead you to almost everywhere.

As ours was a 2 day pass to Dreamworld and White Water World, we visited the Nickelodeon Central again for some rides before moving over to the White Water World. We gave Ocean Parade a miss as the girls couldn't ride on any of them.

By then, little boy was in his dreamland and we didn't wake him up. With the height restriction, the girls can only played at the Nickelodeon Pipeline; Cave of Waves (similar to our Wild Wild Wet); Wiggle Bay and Super Tube HydroCoaster.

The weather today is cooling as the weather forecast today to have shower. The water was icing cold but the girls don't seems to feel a diff. They dashed straight to the Nickelodeon Pipeline once it came in sight!

The girls saw Dora appearing and couldn't wait to take pictures with her!

This is the Green Room which they can't make it due to height but hubby gave it a go!

The queue for this HydroCoaster was really long and the girls only managed to go twice.

Nicholas woke up just in time as the girls was going to the Wiggle Bay. Its a 10 minutes affair for him in the cold water as we didn't want to risk him catching a cold.

Glad he didn't make any fuss of the short water play. So while waiting for the girls to dry themselves, bought him here to take a shot.

Just as we were getting out of the park, it started to rain and quickly took a shot while waiting for hubby to drive the car over. The girls were trying to shield him from the rain.

Since its still early, we drove to the "Strawberry" farm which we found when hubby missed the exit for Dreamworld earlier. A disappointment as there was not a single strawberry plant in sight. Found out from owner that there was a fire months back and they had moved the plantation to another place. Since there, we bought a box of fresh yummy strawberry for only AUD3.00!

They have some goats there and the kids had some fun feeding them.


Lim Xin Ying (: said...

Lols... Rachel n Charmaine hen teng Nicholas horh??? heheh... (:

Angeline said...

This is ONE PLACE I didn't go!!! so fun! I love that part where Daddy sits on the slide with them...

you must be holding your camera real capture that wonderful shot!

Daddy said...


Blessed mum said...

Xin Ying - yes, they love him and take great care of him :)

Angeline - The White Water World is a new theme park added only recent years. hahaha..yes, as they queue up there, i'm holding the camera down below getting ready to shoot. I have no idea there was a long queue :( so tiring!

Daddy - Merry Christmas!


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