Sunday, December 7, 2008

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Day 8

Visited the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary today. Should have bought the tickets through Internet as it much cheaper than off-the-counter price.

The place is not very well maintain if to compare to our Singapore Zoo. But it does have its plus point. It has a number of animals that is only found in Australia and not in Singapore like the Wombats; Koalas; Dingoes; Possum and Tasmanian Devils. Its the first time we saw how a wombat actually look like though the kids had read about it through storybooks.

We were there just in time for the "Totally Wild & Snake Alive" show and the kids were thrilled to see all the "special" animal like the Possum... The fur is very soft and the Possum is a very shy animal.

They got up close with some snakes too! Kids nowadays are real brave. I remember how afraid I was when comes to snake!!! Let alone holding them!!!!

It drizzle a little and therefore the Crocodile Show was cancelled. However, the kids got to hold the baby crocodile and have their pictures taken for FREE! The girls commented that baby crocodile is very heavy.

Nicholas was excited to see the baby crocodile and feeling it.

Next, we went over to the Kangaroo enclosure to feed the kangaroos. Its similar to our Singapore Zoo's but this place is much bigger and the kangaroos are more active than ours. Little Nicholas was "attacked" by kangaroos twice!

First was when he was trying to feed one of them and another kangaroo came from behind and scratched the little boy's head. He was annoyed and frightened by that action. But after comforting him, he was back to feeding again.

The second time was when he was having his cookies and a kangaroo came over to snatch it from him while he was putting it in his mouth! He was totally shocked.

Just as we were about to leave the enclosure, its started to rain and we hopped onto the tram which bring us to the main gate where the Lorikeet Feeding was. The girls had fun feeding the Lorikeet but suffered "injuries" on their hands as the Lorikeets land on their hands to feed on the food. We hanged around there for almost an hour before the girls are willing to leave.

Day 9

We had a full day today and I had planned to visit the Tropical Fruit Farm but hubby was not very keen. So we drove to Australia Fair (another shopping centre) for some last minute shopping and food and then drove around aimlessly till 5pm before returning to car and back to the apartment to wait for the coach to pick us up. Its really a waste we didn't go for the farm....


3lilangels said...

Have not heard of this sanctuary, but looks great the way they allow you to get so close to so many types of animals. The kids must have really enjoyed that.

Lim Xin Ying (: said...

Lols... ur two princess so brave siolx... bt poor nicholas larh.. being attack by the kangaroo twice... btw y dun go to e farm??

KoLe said...

the possum is so cute!
your girls are so brave! the trip is really a wonderful experience for them :)

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, your kids are really brave!! even i dare not go near those reptiles...eeewwwwww

Angeline said...

Blessed Mum!!!! You have such BRAVE GIRLS!!!! My boys are terrible when it comes to touching reptiles!!! *faint*

*clap clap clap* for the courageous pretty girls....

really? internet prices are cheaper? Hmmm... thanks for the tip! Got it loud and clear!

(hey girl, I've got an award for you on the first day of this year. Go Claim it!)

khongfamily said...

Wowww..your kids are really brave! I don't think my kids will go near the reptiles. Even I don't dare...

Angeline said...

hey girl, I forgot to tell you that I've got 3 awards in a roll for you, go claim them.

Blessed mum said...

3lilangels - found this on the internet while planning for the activities to do in Gold coast since ours is a free & easy tour. The kids indeed love the place as they get to close with the animals.

xin ying - hahaha..shold have see his reaction, so cute! Farm? we were there on the 3rd day (Paradise Country Farm)

Kole - yes :)

mommy to chumsy - me too!!

angeline - thanks. will grab it soon.

Khong family - I'm surprise about their guts too, i dare not touch any of the reptiles :)

quEeNie said...

wow, ur children is so brave...if me I run so far d


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