Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Complete the sentence tag

Thank you Joanne for passing me this tag. It is another interesting tag!

1. Life is full of ups and downs

2. I smile when I see my babies smile

3. I can't sleep when I have unfinished work

4. I love the smell of babies!!!

5. When I can't sleep, i play with my phone game

6. I often dream about ...forgotten liao..

7. I get irritated when everyone start demanding for my attention at the same time!

8. I like the sound of baby laughing

9. People often call me Michelle

10. I wish I could have more time in a day

11. The best creation in the world is baby!!

12. 1st 3 words that comes to my mind: Rachel, Charmaine & Nicholas

13. I've discovered that I addicted to making DVD of my kids (now)

14. When I'm in love, I do everything.

15. A baby is born with love and smile.

16. Before I met my husband, I was still schooling.

17. A good marriage requires communication, patience and understanding.

18. I dislike places : any noisy places

19. I say 'I Love You' not more than my husband say it.

20. My favourite subject in school was Maths.

I'm not passing this tag as most of my blogging friends had already done it.


Angeline said...

Awww... your first 3 words make me looked so bad as a mommy leh... *pout*

Blessed mum said...

angeline - don't say that..you are a great mommy!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are most welcome Michelle and thanks for completing the tag.

- So your hp must have alot of games...

- Your husband is a romantic person too..


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