Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 4 - Paradise Country Farm

Our original plan was to visit the Paradise Country Farm in the morning (its a half day tour included in the package) and go shopping and beach in the afternoon. But, the coach that supposed to pick us FORGOT about us!!!! Mad

So our day plan was messed! We called the local agency and they apologised and arranged another coach to pick us up for a later timing. So we went back to our apartment and rot till its time to leave.

Its a self guided tour and the operator at the farm gave us a map each and told us the timing for the show and location and its on our own to roam around the place which is not very big. As we were walking around, little Nic found some kangaroos and without a second thoughts, walked over and stroke them. Luckily, they are very friendly.

The kids were so excited at the sight of koalas and couldn't wait to touch and take pictures with them!

We have to pay AUD15.00 to take this picture and for the kids to stroke the koala.

Next, we hopped over the the nursery to see the baby animals but its a disappointment. Just a few calves, lamb, kids and pigs.. hubby commented that our Singapore Zoo or even our goat farm is better than this!

The highlight of the day is the Sheep Shearing Show and all the kids were totally engrossed watching the sheep thick wool being shave! Even little Nic watched with mouth open!

Then its followed by lunch and then the Billy Tea Show which its a waste of time. But little Nic enjoyed seeing the horse chasing the cow around.

Next is the sheep dog's chance to show off. As with most farm show, they had this boomerang and whip cracking stuff and a little cow milking session for the kids to try. Both the girls did well milking the cow.

By the time we are done and back to our apartment, its already closed to 5pm and hubby took the kids to beach while I do some laundry and ironing in the apartment.


Meekfreek said...

What a fantastic holiday you all had! So much fun!

Angeline said...

I'm sorry, you're probably sick of hearing this sentence, "I was there too"!!!

Ohhhh.... I so miss the sheep sheering show... and cuddling the Koala!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am sure it is a fun when touching koala.

Blessed mum said...

meekfreek - thanks!

Angeline - hee..never sick of that..don't worry.

Joanne - soft..the kids love it.

Xin Ying (: said...

wah nicholas went to stroke the kangaroo without a second thoughts? haha...

Blessed mum said...

xin ying - yap! Brave isn't he?!! ;P

3lilangels said...

Yes, Nicholas was really very brave.

What a shame the first coach forgot about you.

Lim Xin Ying (: said...

Err... Yea Very Brave... or isit tat he didnt noe?? lols

Blessed mum said...

3lilangels - surprised too that he is not afraid of them..

Xin Ying - of course he knows they are kangaroos..

4malmal said...

I love the farm! I am trying to look for one here in europe! seem like it is easier to get such tour in aussie! It is such a fantastic holiday. U guys seem to try EVERYTHING! and the kids must have love it sooo much!

Blessed mum said...

4malmal - really? I thought in europe, there would be plenty of farms...this is a very small scale one unlike those in melbourne.


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