Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another conversation with my darling...

Brought Charmaine & Nicholas out to get birthday present for Rachel today.

While Charmaine went around the shop choosing the present for her sister, the little boy saw this toy police car and pestered non-stop if I can buy it for him. Next he saw a train and asked again holding both the toys.

Me: Let me think first. If you behave, maybe I'll get for you.

Nic: ok mommy. Maybe we can get two.

And as we shop, he kept repeating this sentence, partially directed to me, partially trying to convinced himself that mommy is gonna buy both for him "Maybe mommy get two right, mommy?"

Since he was so well behave and the toys is very cheap, I bought both for him. While we was walking toward our car, we passed this popular fair and this little rascal saw this!

His immediate words was "OHH!! Look Mommy! Mommy, i bought the car and train for jiejie Charmaine. Can I have this, please mommy?" what a fast twist of words!

I admit I have a soft spot toward my dear boy. Mommy sayang the boys and daddy sayang the girls. That's why the saying goes : Mommy's boy and Daddy's girls.

Anyway, bought it too on the condition that he share it with baby Ryan and he promised. I am now training him to be bolder and thus gave him the exact amount and ask him to pay it at the cashier which he gamely did. (He'll do anything just to get what he wants)

He loves it so much he held on to the bag all the way the the car and even after we reached home. When he saw our helper, he told helper that he has to eat his food fast and be good boy then mommy will let him open the box to play with the truck. Isn't he a good boy? I didn't even said that to him!


lilsmurfy said...

hey, i got that car loader truck.. whatever u call it :P.

my house is like a garage.. u can have find any variety of cars :P

yes, i oso have a soft spot for my lil boy :x

BoeyJoey said...

Nicholas is so good and "guai" so definitely deserves all your love :-).

Angeline said...

We have that Car Transporter too!!!
Just a different colour combi. *wink*


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