Monday, March 8, 2010

First Puff

Baby Ryan had been coughing and having running nose for the past few days and it got worst yesterday. So brought him to the doctor today and there's very slight wheezing heard. Doctor gave him his first "Puff" to clear his lungs. Couldn't take any photos as I have to hold him while the doctor gave him the mask.

He is better at this than his korkor Nicholas. Nicholas cried and screamed when he was first given but Baby Ryan just sat there and only occasionally tried to push the mask away. Not much fuss or cries. Born in the year of an Ox, a tougher boy??


Ling That's Me said...

take care little ryan, get well soon


Angeline said...

Definitely man!
Just look at how the Ox dashed towards the red cloth...*wink*

Get well soon, tough guy!

Blessed mum said...

hahaha...u r so funny!!

lilsmurfy said...

hope lil ryan is getting better .. and oso popped in to say i have completed updating my blog... errr up to 2009 onli though :P

Everyday Healy said...

Get well soon, my 2 handsome prince. :P

Blessed mum said...

thanks everyone. He is better now but the nose still runs like tap :)

Oh..lilsmurfy..i thought I slow in my updates! You are slower than me!

lilsmurfy said...

kekeke i always beri messed-up :P..
but hey hey, all these while, i am still reading ur blog k k ? quiet reader onli :P

Blessed mum said...

gagaga..thank you! love ya!


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