Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trip to Central Fire Station

Nicholas's school send out an email invitation to us parents a few weeks ago to bring our kids down to the Central Fire Station today. Its part of the school's excursion for the month. Little Nicholas was so excited when he learns that we will be going there today.

When we got there, we were about 10minutes late, so daddy dropped us at the entrance and he drove off to park his car (we are not allowed to park inside). Even before we got down, Nicholas saw the CPL (Combined Platform Ladder) and SCREAMED in excitement! He couldn't wait and pulled the 2 jiejies along with him to check out all the engines! Ryan was just as excited too seeing the Red engine. He kept pointing at it and making those "ah; er" sound.

BUT... excited he may be but my this little timid boy dared not try anything! Not even when he is being offer the hose to spray water!! An activity which he enjoyed most at home, pretending to be a fireman, spraying water with our garden hose at the flowers, pretending to put out the fire.

So he just ran round the place exploring the vehicles until daddy arrived and did with him.

We tried the CPL and my legs went wobbly as it goes up but have to act cool in front of the kids....How can I be nervous when even Nicholas is not!

Stayed there for about an hour and we walked over to daddy's old school's building and memories of his primary school days just came rushing out....He couldn't contained his excitement and told the girls where he used to hang out and what he did while waiting for his daddy (their grandpa) to pick them up.


Little Kit Boy said...

I believed this would be a very good experience for Niclolas. I personally think that schools should organize more such event for children to gain extra knowledge besides only from books.

Alice Law said...

Valuable experience for your boy! Thumbs up!

Leona said...

I wish there were more schools like this in Malaysia...

Angeline said...

so cool!
Rachel has such a 'big sister' charisma in her, so much so that its hard to miss.

Blessed mum said...

Little Kit Boy - thank you for dropping by :) I agree with you on this..think u have to experience it to know better and it tends to leave a deeper impression.

Angeline - yup..she is very "motherly" if she choose too ;P


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