Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nicholas's School Update #2

This week, they did an expansion from last week topic revolving around "sea creatures".

The children were introduced to the characteristics of a shark, fish, jellyfish, dolphin, sea star and squid. They did a visual discrimination activity that required the children to search for fishes that were hidden within a large picture, they really enjoyed the activity and were so excited each time they found a fish lurking in the background.

They did some counting by making spots on the body of sea stars using some paint and the tips of our forefinger and making a jellyfish using half a paper plate and strips of plastic as the tentacles. The artworks are displayed on the staircase leading up to their class and the children loves watching it flutter in the wind.

They played "Tag" during outdoor play and instead of having an "It", they had "sharks" chasing the little fish around the garden, the children's squeals and shrieks could be heard from the back of the school!

He did "color swirling" science experiment too. The centre used a tray of fresh milk and put a few drops of food coloring into it. The kids then dipped a cotton bud into some liquid detergent and put the tip into the milk. The result is a swirling of the colors. The scientific explanation of it is breaking surface tension, but the children all thought it was magic!!


prince n princess mum said...

Very interesting activity!

Pet said...

Must be a lot of shouting and shrieking! I can just imagine that! Chaos but lots of FUN!, want to try that and 'magic' my daughter.

BoeyJoey said...

Read both your school updates; Nicholas is having so much fun in school! I really like this kind of school of explorations, crafts & experimntations. Too bad HQ's current kindy is more focused on serious school work :-(.

Alice Law said...

Awesome science experience! Please don't mind if I added you into my blogroll, have a wonderful week ahead!

Angeline said...

I think I'm getting hungry, that color swirling reminds me of raspberry cheesecake! *yum*!

Blessed mum said...

BoeyJoey - that's why i choose this school for him..i like this kinda approach..learn through play..hands on stuff..dun want to stress him so early..

but i believe every sch has it plus pts..serious work means less worries for Pr1 :)

Alice Law - thanks & sure!

Angeline - hahaha...u must be really hungry!!


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