Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy 1 year old, Baby Ryan!

We did not have a big celebration for him unlike his siblings as mommy was so busy that I had forgot to inform our relatives about it. Only remembered it was his birthday yesterday! Terrible mommy, hor?

So cake was also bought off the shelf from Awfully Chocolate when I picked the girls up after their class.

Little boy was so excited when he saw the cake and "calling" us to look at the cake!

A family picture before we sing him his FIRST birthday song. Happy Birthday

Usually, its the mommy that "cut" the cake with the baby but for my family, its the daddy..because, mommy has to be the camera woman.Ponder

My dear Charmaine is always so eager to help out. Little boy seems to know that he is the main attraction.

Grandma said must give the little boy a small bite of his cake and everyone (the kids) started feeding him!!

So, what do you think is his reaction to his very first taste of the cake?





Hurry Up




Hmm...Its delicious!! He Loves it!

hahaha...look at the mess on his face!

A very rare time some one help to take picture of me and him!

Rachel is such sweet jiejie! She bought this (Mr. Bump) with her own ang bao money (I have yet to find the time to go to the bank to deposit them) while I was getting the cake!

A Mr Bump for little Mr Bump! Rolly 1

Little boy likes his one and only present very much as it make a "boing" sound when he bang Mr. Bump on the floor. He laughed loudly when Rachel hit her head with "Mr. Bump" and he tried to do that to his head too.

So its just that simple! A simple birthday for my dearest boy!

Happy Birthday, Little Ryan!

Birthday Balloon


Ling That's Me said...

Happy Birthday Little Ryan!!

K said...

happy bday cute little boy! your jie jie is really sweet!

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Happy birthday Ryan!!! Your boy is super cute and big boy now!

mommy to chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ryan. Love the photos of him reacting after eating the cake. So cute and funny :D

Aces Family said...

Happy Belated birthday wish to Rayn. May he grows up happy & strong !!

Another aries...: )

Leona said...

Wow, so fast time flies yah?
Have been following your journey from pregnancy till Ryan was born till now.. he is ONE YEARS OLD!!!
Isn't it such a miracle having kids?
hAPPY Belated Birthday, little Ryan!
And...Mummy, you look so young!!!

quEeNie said...

Happy Birthday Ryan

Blessed mum said...

Thank you everyone!

hi leona - yes, how time flies! and thank you for your kind words..i'm very old liao..gagaga

BS said...

sorry about being a while since I visited your blog. How have your baby grown and time flies! :) And that was very sweet of Rachel to use her money for her brother's present.

Pet said...

Happy birthday to baby Ryan! Lovely family photo.

My son had the 'boing' toy for X'mas, it was a monkey head. They loved it, don't they?

miche said...

Happy Belated Birthday Baby Ryan!

Same here, daddy cut the cake and feed it to baby using the cake knife too!

Alice Law said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweet baby boy!

Angeline said...

Oh man!
I came over a month late!
Naughty Auntie!

Happy Birthday Little Ryan! Awfully Chocolate cakes is one of Auntie's favourite cake too!
I loooooooooove how you look after eating them. *giggle*
so Cute!

lilsmurfy said...

just wanna share..

i was counting the number of kids u have... then i asked myself "i tot u have 4.. but why i counted 5?".. it's then i realised i counted u inside as well :)

Blessed mum said...

lilsmurfy - aiyo! such sweet compliments!!!


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