Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally, Hair Cut with a smile!

Found a way to get Nicholas to the Pro for hair cut without ended up teary. It wasn't a planned thing to bring him for hair cut today but we passed this "salon" and it just came to me to get him try. See, it offer cartoon for the kids and thus help to distract him while the lady make her swift cut. Initially, he wriggle around and with a rather uncomfortable look, but soon he was enjoying his "Tom and Jerry" so much that he even smile for the camera!

Hubby was so shocked and couldn't believe his eyes when he received the MMS send from me (to show off) and was jealous! See, Nicholas always ended up teary whenever he brought him for hair cut. Sometimes, hubby even have to bribe him and both were like playing "tug-a-war" outside the saloon.

HURRAY to Nicholas!


Angeline said...

Yeah! 3 Cheers for Nicholas!
Hair Cut should be fun time for kids! *wink*
My ticklish boys always giggle during hair cuts.

(wonder why couldn't see this post earlier. *scratch head*)

K-Baby said...

Hi Mommy,
Let's win cute slogan tees for your kids in conjunction with our blog launch!

jen cheung said...

HO HO HO Merry Christmas - May 2011 bring you lots of happiness! Take care and have a fabulous day!

jen @


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