Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome to God's Family!!

On this beautiful day, we were blessed with fantastic weather and on this beautiful date (10.10.2010), my 3 beautiful babies were welcome to God's BIG family!!!

For Charmaine, she already knows what baptism is about and why the need to. For Nicholas, I explained to him that baptism means joining God's family and God will be in him. He already learnt from Sunday school that God is in his heart. He had also started to pray on his own too! As for Ryan, he is too young to be briefed.

All were excited today and ready. I had to brief Nicholas on what to expect and hope he doesn't cry when the Vicar dip him into the water. During the water baptism, Charmaine was a little shy but otherwise ok. I have to say my 2 boys were fantastic given their personality.

No struggle from him when daddy handed him to the Vicar...

No WAILING from him!!! So relieved! That's my brave boy!!!

Ryan was another surprised. Ryan who was usually a koala bear and stranger weary didn't make a single fuss when daddy handed him over to the vicar.

No crying either when he emerge from the water!!! Even bigger surprise!

After the water baptism, the kids got changed and went up to the hall. The baptism candidates were invited to the front to be welcomed by the church members. After "showing" Ryan how to shake his hands with members who came forward to welcome him, he was seen (at times) stretching out his hands to shakes with those who came and welcome him!

A photo with our kids' Godparents before heading off for a lunch celebration.

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