Monday, October 4, 2010

Zoo Trip

There's no school for Nicholas today (centre closure for in-lieu of Children's Day) and thus, I decided to bring the 2 boys to the Singapore Zoo while the girls were in school.

My main aim today was to bring the boys to see those activities that they seldom get to see like the Elephant bath and Jaguar feeding. Both the boys, especially Nicholas, was too scared to go near the elephant. Nicholas shown a face full of worries (he was afraid the elephant will spray water at him) and kept hiding behind my back. Ryan was climbing all over me when the elephants came near us! Their response was surprising given that they both had went on the elephant ride when we were in Phuket and Nicholas had enjoyed himself then.

After watching the elephant bathing, we walked on. We chose to walk instead of taking the complimentary tram ride so that we can see more. We had our first rest of feet at the Jaguar area. Both boys had their little snacks and checking on the jaguars while waiting for the Zoo keeper to arrive for the feeding time. The boys enjoyed the feeding session especially Ryan who kept pointing at the jaguar and shouted "there"!

Our last stop of our short trip was at the Kidzworld. I got them a small bucket of carrots and beans each to feed the goats.

Ryan was tagging behind Nicholas, mimicking what Nicholas was doing, but at a distant. He didn't really feed the goats, only holding the carrots at a distant.

Then when more goats charged towards them for the carrots, Ryan duck behind Nicholas for protection!

After some assurance, my little tough nut finally summoned up all his courage to feed the goats and he got better after each feed! He even dared to stroke the goat!

After the feeding session, we watched the Animals Friends Show before taking the tram back. I was surprised that Nicholas not afraid of the big dogs and even went over to stroke them.

I cherished this short bonding time with the 2 boys and all 3 enjoyed ourselves. Back home, they took their lunch and nap while I "bond" with their 2 sisters..but this time, nothing enjoying., in fact was stressful....cos its preparation of exams!

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