Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ryan @ 18 months old

October was a super busy month for me! So busy that I totally forgot to take photo of my little Ryan on the day he turns 18 month! Search through the photos and realised the only photos of him I took in October was at the end of the month, on my MIL's 60th birthday!
Ryan @ 18 months
His achievements:-

  • Nodding and shaking his head to indicate "yes" and "no". He looks very cute when he nods his head because he nods his head as if he needs to use a lot of strength. We simply loves making him nods his head!

  • We always claps and makes lots of fuss whenever he did something right and now he had master the art of clapping, claps whenever he did right too. Now if we didn't clap, he will called out to us and as if to asked us to clap for him too!

  • He is developing his gross motor skill very well. He is able to form his own train tracks and connect the Chugginton trains together. Need to special mention on his ability to connect the Chugginton trains because it requires some "skill" as the knobs are wobbly unlike Thomas & Friends trains which connect via magnets.

  • He likes to snatch things too from Nicholas and he show his teeth and make the "ieee" sound as if he is using a lot of strength. Its a funny sight but I know we have to stop this even though he didn't really mean to "snatch". He just wants to play what Nicholas was playing because its always seems more interesting than what he was playing...grass is always greener in other's pasture.

  • His vocabulary had finally expanded to "chay" for jiejie, "buts" for bus and clearest of all "CAR"!

  • He knows the action for nursery songs like:-

- "Twinkle, twinkle little star" even forming the diamond with his fingers.
- and the kiddo's modified version of "Row, row, row your boat" which goes like this:

row row row your boat,

gently down the stream

when you see a crocodile,

don't forget to scream!

and ryan will goes "AH"

  • He favorite fruits is apple when we gave him papayas or bananas, he would closed his eyes and mouth tighty.

  • Beside playing with trains and guns, his other favourite game is cooking. He would slice his toys veggie/fruits and put it on a plate and serve it to me. He had also learnt not to place the toys in his mouth and only pretend the bite the "food".

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