Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hari Raya Puasa Carnival

My sis invited us to her church carnival. Its my first time stepping into her church and gosh! Its huge! The funfair was held at their "ballroom" and I must say this is one of the most beautifully decorated/designed funfair I ever went. They have lots of creative ideas and games and all designed and done up by themselves (shall come to that later).

We first looked for my sis's stall and the kids were excited to see their aunt and cousins. They were each given some coupons (FOC) to go around. They tried their hands on decorating their own cookies and cupcake. See, even Nicholas is giving a try with the decoration.

Rachel tried on the chef's hat...

Nicholas and his ...erhm...decorated shark.

Rachel and her LOVEly cupcake...

This 2 belongs to Charmaine. She just loves doing it. I like her tortoise..so sweet.

While Charmaine was busy decorating her cookies, Rachel and the 2 boys went on the bouncy castle. See how motherly she is. She was protecting her little brother the whole time up there. Thanks sweet heart!

now shall introduce all the creative ideas I see there... The name of this is "Save Baby Moses!" They used the eggs tray and painted them. Green for grassland; blue for river; brown for desert. The kids were given balls to throw and only those landed on the blue coloured scored points. The highest scorer for that hour will win a big prize.

Then, the kids give a try on the mini golf but only Charmaine managed to score.

Nicholas and daddy team

The name for this game is "Sin No More!" and there were 7 bottles with the "sins" written on each one. The kids were supposed to thrown ball and knocked them down.

This "Hunny Pot Challenge" was easy game for them. All they need to do was to throw the ball into the pot and they allow little ones like Nicholas & Ryan to go right next to it. I think their objective was to gives away as many honey stick as possible! hahaha...What I want to bring to attention was that the entire board was own made..meaning they drew, cut and paste everything themselves! Amazing artist.

But the most creative and HOT one must be this...Angry Bird.

They uses thick stick to make the slingshot and the kids will fire the mini Angry Birds toy at the evil green pigs. Its tough but still kids were queuing to play. They have a simpler version for the young ones. All the young ones need to do is to throw the Angry Birds toy at the pig but still, my darling Nicholas had difficulty knocking down even one.

Consolation prize for the girls - Angry Bird badge. They are really crazy over this Angry Birds thingy...*faint*

Fisher of Men was actually "fishing" out the sweets with a tiny net. Look deceived. Its not easy at all but they were very sweet not to disappoint the kids by hand placing some into the net just before the time was up.

They have testimonials in between. A good way to share with non-believers in non-invasive manners. Besides games, of course there were food and drinks stall which goes out pretty fast.

Verdict : 8.5/10 The kids enjoyed very much and went home with bagfuls of sweets!


Angeline said...

Oh my goodness! Its so fun!!!
Even the names of different games = AWESOME!
Rachel is such a good jiejie and Charmaine's artistic skill is A class! You are INDEED a Blessed Mum.

BoeyJoey said...

You have such beautiful kids :-). Looks like everyone enjoyed the carnival :-).

Pet said...

Ya, please tell me about the Angry Bird craze - My daughter too!!

This is really great outing, so many things to do. :-)


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