Sunday, August 7, 2011

KFC's National Day Outing

Our church organized an excursion for the Primary school kids to the Central Fire Station and I tag along with my 2 boys too. The kids were fascinated by all the olden days fire engines and wasn't interested with the briefing by the station master. They can't wait to explore around. So when the talk finally ended, the kids were like bees dashing around, going in and out of the fire trucks and trying out everything that is touchable.

Charmaine trying on a kid's size fire fighter jacket and pretended to be a fire "woman". After touring around and trying every thing, everyone gathers back at the main entrance to collect their balloons. They were suppose to write a prayer for Singapore on it but most cheeky ones wrote their personal wishes instead!

Rachel wrote a prayer that she can score all As in her exam so she can get a PSP ....

while Charmaine was more simple..she only asked to score well in her SA2 (no rewards indicated)

The 2 boys each got a balloon too though they are not required to write anything.

Once the organiser got the clearance from the relevant department to release the balloons up into the air, the kids took turns to go out to the open space to release their balloons. They had actually planned to release all together but since it was drizzling, they have to take turns to release in batches.

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