Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ryan @ 28 mths old

Ryan @ 28<span class=

He now mimic whatever Nicholas did. Whenever Nicholas tells me about story about his eventful day, with his hands joining in the narrating, Ryan will stand next to him and tries to do the same and repeat the last word of Nicholas' sentence. Think its a good start to his speech. At least now he tries to "speak".

This month, we went to watch a play (his second play) - "Rocky, The Baby Panda" . This time he is more at ease and knows the rules. He sat still when the play begun and stood up to dance when they were told to do so. He even did the counting with the squirrels. He enjoys the play much better than the first and we even bought the book which is now his favorite book.

Whenever I read books to him and when we comes to the words "baby", he will tilt his body and lean on my hand in a cradle position. I think he is trying to telling me he is just like the "baby" in the story.

After showering him one day, I decided asked the little one which coloured towel belongs to him. Nicholas and him each have their own coloured towel. I didn't expect him to give the correct answer and so when he answered "white!" I was surprised! So to test and see if it's by luck, I insisted that the blue towel is his. Without thinking, he shook his head and said "blue...tor tor (nicholas)"

Both the school and us had started to train him to put on his own shoes. It took a long long time before he could put it on but still a good try. But whenever I'm around, he will insist that I put it on for him.

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Angeline said...

Ooohhhhh Nicholas is Ryan's idol now eh? Got to watch Nicholas's behaviour more than ever now man. Like Binbin, learning all the 'bad habits' from Keatkeat...and vice versa lah. *eyes rolled*


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