Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Singapore Museum - Art Garden

Visited the Art Garden today with the preschool. Ryan totally enjoyed every single seconds of it there! They were greeted by 2 baby elephants and the kids were given cute flower stickers to decorate it. Next to it was a big wall decorated with solar power mechanical flowers, clovers and bunnies that rock gently. Its very soothing to look at.

Next we went to the "Mummy Dearest" room which had a wardrobe of clothes, shoes and a big 3 tier cake for the kids to decorate and play dress up with. Next room was a creativity room where the kids uses their creativity and skill to form pictures using large coloured chips. Its not easy and definitely not for the kindies and below. But nonetheless, the kids enjoyed dropping the coloured chips into the columns.

Ryan enjoyed being in the "Paramodelic-Graffiti" room, a room which was filled with modular toy train, tracks, crane and animals. I must say its really a very interesting room.

Took a break in the reading library and Ryan spotted a book about elephants. Its his favorite animal for now and he enjoyed looking at the pictures and showing me how it spray water and how it walk (stomping from left to right in slow motion). He even chose a elephant picture to colour.

Rating for this trip: 8/10

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