Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday and mooncake celebration

No fanciful cake...No celebration in school...just a small cake which I grabbed from Breadtalk after Church for my little darling 5 yrs old birthday. He didn't mind at all (probably he still too young) and was happy to see his uncles joining us for steamboat dinner too. They were here for the "mooncake reunion dinner" and so its "one stone kills two birds"

Since Charmaine and Nicholas actual birth date was 3 days apart, we celebrated for her as well.

Nicholas wanted to give Charmaine a birthday kiss but Charmaine was too shy to receive it from him.

Ryan couldn't wait any longer for a taste of the yummy cake...

Our 4 babies...

For the mooncake celebration part, hubby got a complimentary box of delicious and creatively wrapped mooncake Marina Bay Sands - Casino. No lah..he is not a gambler but he brings his clients there for entertainment. The mooncake not only comes in a very creative box, but it tastes very good too. Even for a person like me that doesn't fancy mooncake ate half a piece of it..which is a lot for one sitting!


Happy Birthday to both my darlings!!!


prince n princess mum said...

Happy birthday!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Nicholas and Charmaine too:-)
And thanks alot for your birthday wishes to Sarah.

Nicholas is a big boy now. He has lost some weight yeah.

I love simple celebration; no mass cleaning and is good to have some great bonding time with family.


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