Friday, September 9, 2011

Ryan @ 29 mths

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I'm very happy with his speech development though he is definitely much slower than his peers.

His speech had now progressed to more than words per sentence and able to use words that made up of 2 syllabus like:

Ma Mee (mummy)
Play ground (playground)
Dad dee (daddy)
Read book
Right leg
Ep leg (left leg)

He is also able to recognise some alphabets like A; B; C; O and T but he can only pronounce A & O. He equates everything circle to the letter "O" even the bottom circle of the letter "g". See what I mean? The bottom of the "g" is a full circle, so he think that is "o" too.

We like the way he speaks when he "complain". He sounds so poor thing that there's no way anyone not feel for him. Sometimes when we spotted a scratch mark or abrasion on his hands or legs and asked him what happened, he will narrate the incident to us in his most pathetic voice with action included - "run...fall ground...pain". Its the same old reason for a few weeks but just this week, he had made some modification and gave us a new version.... " bite me...pain"

There is still room for improvement for his temper. He has super quick temper. Whenever things are not to his liking or someone took his things without asking, he will be angry and cry. Sometimes, he even stomp his feet and fold his arm and turned his face away from the person he is angry with. Let's pray and hope he will mellow down once he is able to communicate well.

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