Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Celebration with Chessmates

Charmaine's birthday fell on the same day as the competition date and after getting her consent, we decided to celebrate her birthday with all her chess friends instead of her classmates. Her classmates were disappointed as they look forward to her party every year. One came up to me even asking if she could come for Charmaine's party!

Since we are celebrating her birthday with the chess friends, I seek her approval to add Nicholas in too which she happily agreed. So this is the $200+ cake that she chose! The hottest bird in town now....ANGRY BIRD!

Back view..

Nicholas finishes his game first so I got him to take a picture.

The 2 birthday kids...

The cake is such a hit that when I took it out, all the kids and adults went "WOW!!!" and all the kids forgot about their analysis and came rushing over to "chop" the birds that they wants. They pestered Nicholas and Charmaine to reserve the "birds"!

A group photos before the birthday song.

And the cake cutting. The kids got to go for their final round so they only got to eat it when they return. I was glad that all of them are able to regain focus and not think about the cake when they were playing or I'll be the culprit...*phew*

Happy Birthday Nicholas & Charmaine!

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Sasha Tan said...

that is one cool cake! Belated happy birthday to Nicholas and Charmaine.


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