Sunday, September 18, 2011

His First Chess Competition

Patrick Tay Chess Challenge 2011 is his first competition after 9 months of lessons. He was a little disappointed that he did not win any medal but he shown great determination to do better the next time. He told me he wants to win a medal like his sisters who has a whole shelf filled with trophies and medals. All I can say to him was "work harder and be careful the next time."

Through this competition, Nicholas had again proven to me that he is no longer a little scaredy boy but a big brave boy...

Being one of the youngest player there, it means that all his opponents will be older than him. He played with a few kids twice his age and he shown no fear.

He shown that he is not easily intimated by his opponent. There was one 7 yrs old girl who he played with. Throughout the game, I can see her waving her hands around him and telling him off.

He shown courage to speak up for his rights. When his opponent makes illegal moves, he is able to explain to the arbiter the situation.

He had shown determination to win and put in his best though he run out of steam after lunch. There was one game which he was losing but he put on his thinking cap and his effort paid off.

The best and funniest moment was when he won his first round. He raised his hands and shouted "Mummy, I win! I win!" and every one turned to look at him. But who can blamed him?! Its his first win!

Although he only scored 2 out of 7 rounds but both the coaches and I were very proud of him. Not forgetting that he is the youngest player in this tournament where many great seasoned players are playing.

Good job Nicholas!

Here are some shot of him in action...

First chess competition together with his sisters

Showing a little tense while waiting for Round 1 to start

Building castle in the sky while waiting for all to be seated...

See him? He in the center of the picture.

This is a tough game for him. He lost his queen but managed to fight back and win.

See how excited he was! He couldn't contained his excitement and knelt on his chair to play.


Karmeleon said...

He was so cute!!! How old was he when he first started learning? My littlest one said he wanted to learn chess (dunno real or not?!) ... where does yours learn? The teachers can guide the kindergarten ones well? Speak at their level, I mean?

Blessed mum said...

Hi Karmeleon - tks. He started learning at the end of 2010 with Chesskidz at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. They r very friendly and nice and the coaches have lots of experience handling small kids. You may be surprise at the little one's ability to grasp!


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