Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ryan @ 31 months

With him speaking more and ability to express more of his thoughts, he got more and more cheeky.

He loves acting out the character from the stories we told him. He can be the billy goat; the ugly troll; Bubbles (the monkey); Baby Panda; Owl babies; Winnie the Pooh.... He loves best to be the youngest baby owl and Baby Panda.

He likes to mimic how animals behave too. When he sees snakes on NGO wild, he goes sliding on the ground with his tongue sticking in and out.

A video of him as a his tongue...

He goes sliding in a "S" shape too when he wants to be a crocodile. The difference between a crocodile and snake is that when he is a crocodile, he will place his hands in front, opening and closing it, as if it is the jaws.

He is also super super clingy now!!! Especially at night, he goes crying if he doesn't sees me. He tells everybody "I don't want you!! I want pommy!" Pommy!" and goes screaming and running round the place looking for me. Even if I was in the toilet, he will insist on waiting outside and refuses everyone. Its a sweet feeling to be so WANTED but I do hope he get out of this soon.

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