Saturday, November 5, 2011

SCF Children's Day Chess Challenge 2011

This will be his 3rd competition and mummy is still as kancheong and nervous as it was his first!

As usual, along with others his age, they played in the U-8 category. There were 100 kids playing in this category....tough one. And to make things worst (more kancheong), he was paired with previous year Under-6 4th placing boy for the first round! *faint*

Knowing the chance of winning is near 0%, I still gave out the instructions... ''be careful, think before you move ... ''

He lost the first round but won the 2nd, 4th & 7th(last round) and drawing the 5th round. His final score was 3.5 points. His starting rank was 85 and he ends the competition with the final ranking at 58. His chance of winning a medal was slimmed...a lot have to depends on the rest of the under 6 players played (although the under 6 were playing in the under 8 category, they have separate prizes for the Under 6 players.) Anyway, as usual, we stayed on to watch the prize presentation, a way to motivate the kids.

Little did we expect that his name will be the FIRST to be called when they were giving out the medal for Under 6 boys. Being first to be called up stage means he was the 10th placing! We were so excited but my blur boy have no idea his name was being called and still busy munching his packet of crisps. We shoo-ed him up the stage with him not having any idea what was going on! hahaha... He shook hands with the SCF President, Mr Ignatius Leong and took his medal with a stunned face!

After receiving the medal, he stayed on stage while waiting for the rest to receive theirs...

Together with all the top 10 players for the under-6 boys... Well done all of you!!

A group photo with their chess school's friends and coaches after the event...

The girls did very well too with Charmaine coming in 2nd and Rachel 4th for the Girls Under 10 category! A fruitful day for all 3 babies!!

A photo of him and his medal!

Well done, all of you!! Your hard work and intense training paid off!

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