Friday, November 25, 2011

Video - Boys Year End Concert 2011

Nicholas's concert... I must admit that their dance steps were not synchornised but I don't mind.

I must say I was really surprised at this little chap dancing so spontaneously! I was half expecting him to freeze (just like Nicholas was he first went on stage) and half expecting him to cry. But was surprised he danced so well! Good Job Ryan!!

The Finale...dancing to "Positive" by Taio Cruz. They choose this song to remind the K2 graduates and everyone to stay positive when we were facing difficulties..especially dedicated to the graduates since they will be going to the BIG kid's school (Primary school) and more challenges stay ahead of them...

1 comment:

BoeyJoey said...

Both your boys did so well... so very cute the videos :-) Ryan at such a young age is dancing on stage without stage fright! Bravo Ryan! :-)


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