Monday, November 21, 2011

Chess Marathon

The 3 chess kids went for their chess school's "Fun Chess Marathon". It's a full day event with lots of different type of chess games....all done in a very fun way.

They get to play "blindfold"; "bullet"; "rotation"; "Random Chess"...Nicholas being in the last board for his team need not play those tough "games" like Rotation and Random. He played mainly the normal games.

Initially I was worried for Nicholas that he may tired out midway through (since there's no time to nap) but the coach said he did very very well and he certainly did not look a least bit tired when I return to pick them up.

His teammates also praises him as he won quite a fair bit of games for the team. So in the end, his team came in first! He was very happy to receive the "golden cup", his first trophy! A Golden Trophy!
His team came in FIRST!

Little one so happy with his golden cup!

All 3 kids each got something.. Rachel's team came in second while Charmaine's team came in third.

Their trophy...

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