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Day 5 - Baby Boss Taipei

As usual, we woke up early and took our complimentary breakfast in the hotel. I briefed the kids of the day itinerary and they were getting really excited. I planned today's activity on Monday as we will have less crowd to compete with.

MRT exit station to Baby BossLeft the hotel about 9am. We took the MRT blue line to Zhong Xiao FuXing (3rd stop from the Taipei Main station)and exit #5. Once out, just continue to walk straight all the way till we were at in front of the Land Bank where the free "Living Mall Shutter Bus" will pick us up. The whole journey took about 45 minutes (including the waiting time for the bus).

  The waiting area for the free shutter bus
The Living Mall where Baby Boss is located.
Baby Boss Taipei
We spent the WHOLE day at BABY BOSS. There are about 51 activities for the kids to participate in. So definitely, one day will not be able to cover all, so parents have to help plan and choose for the kids. And parents are not allowed to queue for the kids. So no "chopping" of seats. 

Map and schedule for the activities will be given at the entrance and the kids will select the activity they want to do and go straight to the place.
Baby boss map
Baby Boss moneyEach activity lasted about 30-40 minutes and start at different times. Each activity is manned by an "guide" which will guide them through. The kids will put on the uniform and start to explore/work and after each activity, the kids will get "paid". They can then use the Baby Boss money to either go for courses or saved it in the "bank" and earn them interest. 

Its operating hours are from 10am to 6pm and at least 1 adult is needed to accompany the small children through the activity although parents are not allowed into the activity room. Tourist enjoys 20% discount too with the presentation of passport.

I bought the tickets online for 1 adult for daddy and 3 kids (kids below 3 free). That month, they have a promotion for Mothers' Day and mothers enter free.

The first activity we went was to the Airline station. The 2 boys took up the role of the pilot and Charmaine, flight crew. They each was led to a room to put on their uniform and briefed of their "duties". And each parent were given a "boarding pass" to board the plane. I can heard Nicholas's voice over the broadcasting system while I'm in the plane and Charmaine helped push the trolley of served us magazine. Its really role play at it finest!! Cool!
 Airline crew  
After the flight, the little ones came down from the plane and lined in row to thank us for flying with them!
Airline staff  
After the first activity, Charmaine was confident to go explore on her own but the protective daddy still decides to tag along her. She found herself a "job" at the Hospital playing the role of a Paramedic. They were told of the responsibility of the Paramedic and then duty assignment. When all are cleared of their duties, they drove off in a real ambulance (within the mall) to the accident site where a little doll was found on the road "injured". The little ones then helped to fixed the neck brace onto the doll and some lifted the doll onto the stretcher. Charmaine and another girl were tasked to bring the "injured" doll up to the ambulance and back to hospital. Paramedic  
While Charmaine was busy with her job as a Paramedic, the 2 boys went to become Dairy farmers! The briefing was in Mandarin and Ryan had no idea what was going on. Nicholas tried his best to listen to instruction but was distracted by Ryan. The children were told of the usage of the different parts of the cow and how to milk it. They were then given chance to "milk" the cow and that was what they enjoyed most! After the activity, the hardworking farmers were each paid and given a packet of milk as reward.
Dairy Farm 
Girl being girl, after being a Paramedic, she went to the Beauty Salon and took on the job of a manicurist.
queueing @ Baby BossLike I mentioned earlier, parents cannot queue for their kids. The kid had to be physically there queuing and once its full,it will be closed. Spot them? They were queuing to be a FIREMAN!!!

They got to wear the protective suit, slide down the pole, sat on the Fire Engine and best, putting off fire!! Its not difficult guess how happy they were doing their job. 
Baby boss - fire dept  
Just before lunch time, Charmaine had earned enough Baby Boss money to take the baking course at the Pizza Parlor which cost Baby Buck $35. they did the dough from basic and putting on their own ingredients and taking "home" their product - Hawaiian Pizza which she had that as lunch.

 Pizza Parlor This is her pizza

her end product - Hawanii Pizza
While she bakes, Nicholas joined the Golf Driving Range activity which is just next to the Pizza Parlor. Ryan was too young to go for this and so hubby fed him his lunch first. Everyone had a fast lunch as they wanted to go for more activity.
  Golf Driving Range It was closed to Ryan's nap time and so we decided to join the Police Force together. It was very sweet of Charmaine to help her brothers dressed up and looked after them. They practised holding the guns (using their fingers as pretended gun) and squatting and darting when they approached the wanted man.

Police officers Bed time for the oldest and the youngest. Inside the Baby Boss, they have this nice cosy room for adults to rest while the young ones go around "working". The 2 babies slept in no time!
BB loungenap time

So while the Ryan napped, Charmaine and Nicholas did more activities. At the Construction site, they "build", "stack" and mixed the sands.  

Next, they went to queue at the Space Mission Control Center. While they queued, I went to wake the 2 babies up so that Ryan can join im this too. At first, Ryan was still cranky of being woken up from his short nap. So they allowed me to go into their changing room to help get him changed into his astronaut suit. He was excited after the change and I was invited out of their "mission" area.

They went into the spaceship, pretended to take off, came out and was on the "moon". They explored a while and went back to the spaceship and back down to earth. There is a short photo session for parents to take photos of their little cute astronaut after the flight before they went back in to change off the costume.


Next and last  activity before they closed for the day - being a Dentist. It was here that I really felt the high standard of service and patience of the Taiwanese! Ryan was running around and wanted me to go in which of course cannot be acceded. The staff offered to carry him throughout his work briefing to the kids! Its really not easy to carry him and do a show and tell!

They were taught how to correctly brush their teeth, then proceed to the dental chair and do some cleaning job on the dummy's teeth. The kids had lot of fun cleaning the dummy!

With all the earnings, its time to cash out on something at the Baby Boss shop. Depending on how much you have, they have a chart indicating the gift you can exchanged for. 

Redemption counter

After all the fun, we went for dinner and some milk and fruit shopping before going back to the hotel to feast on it.

Summary: - The kids all gave a thumb up for today's activity and asked if we could come back again. Well, we just have to come back again the next time we visit Taiwan or hopefully, Singapore will come out with something similar.


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