Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back To School - Day 2

Yes! Its about his school progress again...Its an important milestone for him and so I try to record as much as I can on how he ease into his new school.

Today, he insisted on carrying his own bag, so mommy let him be. But got tired even before we could get out of our apartment compound!

Tired already..See, we just got down from the lift!

Yesterday, he was very fascinated with the construction work that was going on opposite the centre. So today, we stop at the top of the bridge for him to take a proper look. Take this opportunity to point to him what is what too.

He was quite co-operative during the hand-foot-mouth checking today. He even stuck out his tongue for the teacher to check which is a surprise! Once he is in his classroom, he headed straight for the truck's tray and played with the trucks and the cars.

During lesson, he was often being distracted by the piling sound and kept looking out at the construction site. He would point and said in his cute voice "piling!". I'm impressed by his memory as I only taught him this word this morning when we were at the bridge!

Outdoor Play

Lunch today was much better. The aunty even helped to feed him once in a while....Aunty liked him very much. (He bid goodbye to her yesterday with a hug and kiss in aunty cheek and this morning with a "Hi" )

As most of the kids are new to the centre, the teacher got into some difficulty to get them to sit down for lesson. So, they decided to let the kids explored around and took this time to get the kids to get attached to them through play.

Chinese teacher tried to play with him. For quite a while, he did not look for me...then, almost like he could see through wall/object, he started looking around for me when I just went into the restroom and cried till I'm out. From that moment onwards, he made sure we maintained body contact!

Today is the last day I will be with him..tomorrow will get helper to ease him in as he is very munjar with mommy... Another reason is also because mommy will feel heart pain to hear/see him cry, so cannot make it.


miche said...

with mommy around sure very manja one. when mommy not around sure very independent. maybe will cry just for a lil while. u sure can one lar. :D

Ling That's Me said...

im waiting to see how my son gg to behave when he attends sh next year. maybe like little nic so koala bear. hehe.

CatLover said...

He seems to be very independent. I think he is a smart boy ! How lucky you are ! Few months later it will be my turn when i got back to the work force...let see how Rou's version will turn out..haha..wish me luck !

Angeline said...

Aiyo with a face like that, who wouldn't like, don't mention the aunty, even myself, who haven't met him, liked him at first glance!

Oh...tomorrow will be the test of endurance....

Blessed mum said...

Hi Miche - Think you are very right

Hi Ling - think mine is the extreme case lor..

Hi Catlover - Thanks. Can't wait to hear abt yours.

Hi Angeline - Thanks so much for your kind words : )


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