Friday, June 27, 2008

D-Day for Nicholas

Today is the D-Day for him. Helper dropped him off in his class and left. He only cried for less than 10 minutes and was fine after that. He did not even asked to be carried.

He participated in all activities today and even found a new friend that he likes to play with (Jolie who is a new child and her first day is today. )

Lunch today was a healthy burger made with tomatoes, cucumber and the patty is made from eggs and long beans. He ate only a little and asked for his favourite apple. The teacher thought he maybe not used to the centre's food and gave him some biscuits to munch so that he won't be hungry. Isn't that very thoughtful of the teacher?

This week topic is about red and today they made a red telescope for the class and the children enjoy looking through it. They even pasted the red cellophane paper on the glass window and the children get to see what is it like to be in a world where everything is red.

See him holding the "telescope"

For outdoor play, the children "helped" to paint the porch red.

See him dancing together?! Mommy so happy to see this pic!

This is his new "girlfriend"

Drawing/ of the activity he had no patience to do or dislike...but seems like he is doing well..

Have to agree with what Angeline said in her post, here, it is easier to do it with the kids only when they are ready. Think he settle down pretty fast this time as compared to the previous round...So guess my little boy is really ready for school now...*sigh*..its mommy's turn that is not ready to let go... Teary


miche said...

he found another girl in his life that is more attractive than mommy huh? LOL...just kidding. it is tough being a mother...we want to let go but we scare they won't come back huh?

CatLover said...

Soon you will start receiving calls from mystery callers...=)

Blessed mum said...

Hi miche - ya contradicting being a mom.

Hi catlover - heehee...thanks


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