Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reading Time With Jiejie

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I'm so grateful to have my eldest baby easing me of my busy schedule...Since she is having her school holidays, she volunteered to help me read to her little brother so that I can complete my work or just take a rest...

She had seen and also experienced the way I read the stories and she kind of pick up the skill and doing it very well with her brother. The first few occasion, my little boy insisted for mommy but her persistence in reading to him paid off. After a few persuasion from us, he obediently sat on his Jiejie's lap and listen to the stories..

After a few days, he even drag his jiejie down onto the floor and said "lap" and bumped right onto my skinny girl's lap!

Thanks Rachel! You really are my good helper!


Angeline said...

You've got a wonderful daughter! What a blessed mommy you are!

Blessed mum said...

Thanks Angeline. She can be a terror at times esp when she has accomplice (her sister)


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