Saturday, June 28, 2008

Double Award

Thanks Angeline for giving me my First award since I started blogging... I really felt so touched when I saw this. Thanks, my blogging friend!

So being first time receiving such an award, I'm at lost of words and also no idea what to do...(i don't know if I should take away the "I'm a daily blogger" as I not one ) But guessed the idea is to pass the friendship on and so here are the blogging friends in my Thank You list.

Names are not in any particular order...

1. Mommy to Mandy

2. Mommy to Ashley

3. Michelle

4. Mommy to Faythe & Vyktore

5. Mommy to Kayton (Think u received this award from Angeline too, but just want u to have it from me too!)

6. LZmommy

7. Queenie

8. Catlover


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Thanks for the award my friend ;)

Angeline said...

Welcome girl! YOu deserve it!

quEeNie said...

thxs for the award & I also give this award back to you

jazzmint said...

thx for the ward :)

Blessed mum said...

Welcome, everyone..thank you for being my blogging friends.


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