Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Little Conversation...Transport

I'm happy to find a centre that really teaches kids. And I really mean teach and not putting up a show or marketing front like my 2 girls' previous childcare centre.

Whenever I asked Nicholas what he learns in school, he will be able to tell me exactly the same as what the teacher emailed me. I don't remember my 2 girls doing that previously. When I asked my 2 girls what they did in the centre, all they can say is "play, had lunch; sleep..." nothing as specific like Nicholas. And I really "see" him learns!

Here is one of our little conversation one day while I'm driving with him next to me.

Nic: Aeroplane, land; air or sea

Me: air?

Nic: Correct, very clever.

Nic: Truck. Land; air or sea?

Me: sea?

Nic: No. Wrong. It's land.

He learnt all this from the centre as I did not teach him this and he speak like as if he is the teacher and I'm his student.


miche said...

He makes you feel so proud eh. The nursery is really good. Worth the money spent there. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Blessed Mom, ha ha, kids learn very fast.
Here Canada takes in 250,000 new immigrants every year.
And a big percentage now from China.
And you can imagine, the small kids not being able to speak English.
But give them 5 months, they speak wit strong Canadian accents, ha ha.

Our Malaysian, Singapore friends here will joke they sometimes don't understand what their kids talking, ha ha.

Oh ya, Kids born here from Malaysian parents don't appreciate durians.

Had a friend who phoned me, "hey Lee, come help me finish our durians, or my kinds want to stay in a hotel", ha ha. Have a nice day, Lee.

3lilangels said...

He must feel very proud to be able to come back to 'teach' you what he'd learnt. So cute!

Pet said...

my daughter too takes up the role of 'teacher' sometimes. I have something on this to blog as well. Make sure you hop by...

Angeline said...


Clever Nicholas, clever!!!

*Happy Mothers' Day to you!*

Blessed mum said...

miche - indeed, its really worth every cents!

Uncle Lee - can't agree with you any really learns very fast nowadays.

3lilangels - mommy is proud too!

Pet - sure!

Angeline - thanks


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