Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 in 1 Celebration!

Finally! I survived the first month!!! He's the best baby among the 4 that I have. For the first 3 weeks, baby Ryan just drink and sleep, keeping awake only for a short while during the evening. However, during the last week, he stayed awake for the best part of the morning and sleeping throughout the afternoon.

We never have the practise of celebrating Full Month for all the 3 kids and baby Ryan is the special one. Not because he's the last baby we gonna have, but because it happens to fall on Mother's Day and also my FIL's birthday.

We had our 3-in-1 celebration in a Thai restaurant (Thai Table near Simei). The food was yummy and service excellence!

This is the Birthday "MAN". He turns 62 this year and he is the most important person in hubby's life.

Baby Ryan and my mom

Baby Ryan; my 3rd sister and mom. My 3rd sister is the smartest among the 4 of us and also the prettiest! She is the only one that make it to Singapore Uni..

The grandparents praying for Baby Ryan....

Another pretty 2nd sister.

Look at the fats that still clinging on to me..wonder when I can get rid of them!

Our 4 Babies!

And the center of attraction for the day!


miche said...

Praise God for an easy to care baby eh. Mine slightly better than my 3rd. Girls are still easier to take care. =)

Btw, Happy Fullmoon. I also dont celebrate Fullmoon. =)

Something About Us said...

wow! triple joyous occasions! :)

Happy 1st month Baby Ryan!

Blessed mom, with 4 kids to handle, I am sure you will shed all those weights in no time.

- Ling

mommy to chumsy said...

Happy 1 month old Ryan. All your babies are so pretty and handsome :)

Leona said...

Ryan looks like Nicholas from the photos.
Nice family is so great to be surrounded by family and loved ones.

Aces Family said...


Happy Full month to Baby Ryan !

Happy 62th Birthday to Uncle.

Happy Mother Day to all the mommies !!

Don't worry about the fats, they will soon be burn into enery when you starts running after baby Ryan.


Pet said...

Time like this, it's good to combined all the celebration, anyway, what we actually want is a 'get-together'.

U will lose those extra weight soon, con't bfeeding. It's the best (and most inexpensive) slimming course!

lyne said...

awwww, so cute! best wishes

LZmommy said...

Happy Full Month Ryan! :) Lucky you, Baby Ryan is so easy to handle.

Happy Belated Birthday to Uncle :)

Talk about fat, wait till you see me :) Hehehe...

reanaclaire said...

congratulations! first time coming by here... have a nice day..

Angeline said...

I know I'm truly late... so sorry..

Happy full month to cutie pie!!!
Happy birthday to uncle!

the most cooperative? I think its more like Mommy has had 'enough' experiences... she just did all the right things, ya?! *wink*

fats??? nevermind lah... still pretty pretty....

Blessed mum said...

Thanks everyone! :)

On the fats..*sigh* I do hope I can shed them off..been eating double portion!!!

quEeNie said...

Happy Belated Full Moon to Baby Ryan
Happy Belated Birthday to Uncle
Happy Belated Mother Day to u

Baby Ryan is so cute

Blessed mum said...

Queenie - thanks :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Happy Full Month for Ryan.

Haha.....he is the "last" baby that you gonna have? Sure?

Blessed mum said...

Joanne - thanks :) he is definately the last as gynae won't operate on me anymore! :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Do you read chinese?

With the sons and two daughters you have, is 好好. Meaning very very good!

Blessed mum said...

joanne - the words will apply better if mine is girl boy girl boy. :P

Moomykin said...

Wow! You have 4 kids and you still look so young!!
Congrats, mommy!!

Blessed mum said...

Moomykin - thanks for visiting my girls and my blog! *muack*

You make my day with your compliments!!


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