Saturday, December 12, 2009

Botanica Garden - Trees Of The World Light-Up

We had wanted to join the Botanical Party on 5th Dec but daddy had to prepare for his overseas trip and thus, we waited for him to be back to check out the Botanical Garden - Trees of the World Light-up.

We had a quick and early dinner and drive down to Botanical Garden. The deco at the Visitor's Centre is nice and the girls love those lights dangling down from the trees.

As the path leads, we saw Christmas trees decorated by different countries, schools and associations. Most of them lack creativity, they look just like how we would decorated our Christmas tree. Only a few really stood out, one of them is from a landscape company, below.

We should have come on the opening night itself..more fun to walk with music in the background. (On the opening night, there was a concert performance). But nevertheless, we had a good walk...good exercise after dinner. By the time we were done, its past 9pm and daddy gave the kids a treats at Swensen. That really light-up the kids' face!


Angeline said...

"Wwwaaahhhhh...." That's what BOTH my boys said when they saw the pictures....
Hmmm.... might pay a visit...
where do you park your car?

Blessed mum said...

Angeline - we park at the wrong can park at the Visitor Centre carpark (nearer).


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