Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hollywood Dinos! Here We Come!!

Nicholas's school organised an excursion to the Jurong Bird Park to visit the Asia first Hollywood Dinos. I decided to sign the 2 girls up too. The kids were very excited and we talked about it the entire week, reading up about Dinosaurs. He was cooled about it and in fact looking forward to seeing the Dinosaurs.

But he got panicky once he saw the first Dino, a Stegosaurus. It didn't help with the dino moving and jumping by "itself"! He cling on to me tightly..he thought that was real!! Even after I explained to him that its not real, he still insisted it is... "No! They are real, not toys! See, the dinosaur can move and jump by itself! I'm scared, mommy!" I explained to him that it was controlled by those uncles in the tent, just like how he control his fire engine with the remote, but he doesn't buy that...*sigh*

Can't remember the name for this one...

They had "actors" there at the cave, one with head beaten off by a T-rex and another dropped into the water at the floating bridge. The girls really enjoyed it! Oh..forgot to mentioned that Nicholas was too frighten and I didn't want to scare him any further, thus handed him to his teacher who had just came out of the "cave". So he did not see all these special effects.

Its not the same as the Dinosaur exhibition years ago at the Science centre. Those were "dead" but these are "alive".

My dear boy enjoys better with the birds...the timid ones were playing happily with the black swan when we came out.

The tour supposed to take about 30 minutes but there's only 1 attraction. The rest of are booths selling stuffs with one or 2 dinosaurs to see along the way. The walk in the cave lasted less than 10 minutes! But I must say the experience is worth the money.


Ricket said...

Haaa... I think my 2 girls will be very scared...

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Looked sooooo exciting and fun! I am bringing my kids there soon, inspired by your post! :)

BoeyJoey said...

Oh wow! Sounds so fun and educational. HQ would love to go there :-)

Wonderful Life said...

Ooo... fun and educational place for kids. Will take a note of this bring my kid there IF we hv the chance to go to Sgp. :)

Blessed mum said...

Hi Wonderful Life, erh..i'm not sure if this Dino thing will be here for long..

Ricket - nothing to be afraid..really, i would say its fun and educational. My boy is super timid :)

Beauties in our lives - pls go! Its very educational esp if you take your time to walk and listen to the guide. Have fun!

Angeline said...

He sooooooo cute!
Oh well, at least he enjoyed himself towards the end.

They looked more alive than the past 4 dino exhibits that we went to. Maybe because they are among the trees...
No wonder little Nicholas got scared.


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