Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas...

The condo we used to live in organised a Christmas party for the residents and since we are eligible, I registered the kids for the party which was on 18th Dec. The turn out was not as good as last year but that means more chance to go up stage to play games for the girls.

The girls went up stage twice to play the games (though wining nothing) while Nicholas watched.

As usual, they had this Santa appearance and Santa will distribute the presents (which the parents had bought) to the kids. This is the most exciting part for my girls, for they were told that Santa had been "watching" them all year round and will have presents only for the good children. So they were very eager to listen out if their names were being called.

Nicholas was very anxious waiting...but when his name was being called, he refused to go up stage to take his present.

The girls each get a present from "Santa" and they were so excited!!

On 19th Dec, hubby's friend from Malaysia came over for dinner and I wasn't told till the morning itself!! I was so nervous as hubby suggested for me to whip up some Christmas dinner which I totally have never tried before. Moreover, they will be our first official guest to come over to our new place for dinner...*more sweats*... So, I dashed down to the Cold Storage and grabbed the frozen turkey; ham; sausages; salad...and a yummy log cake from Swiss cake. It was my first time roasting stuffed turkey and was so super nervous...I was praying real hard inside that I won't embarrass myself. But they were very nice people..everything I served, they ate as if it was really very yummy. It really flatter me! Dizzy

The girls playing with their new friend in our garden...

On 22nd Dec, hubby suddenly suggested over dinner that we take a MRT down to Orchard Road and soaked into the mood! I was worried off the crowd but surprised to find its manageable. The kids, especially Nicholas, was so excited over the train ride!

Finally Christmas came!! The kids were the most excited ones. FIL and SIL came over for dinner and I made stuffed turkey again! Yup..its really yummy..the meat was not tough but tender and juicy..yum yum! This time, I placed some bacon on top of the turkey to give it some taste.

Made some baked scallops with cheese too. A new dish I tried today.

After ice-cream, the kids couldn't wait to unwrap their presents.

How can we leave Baby Ryan out of this , right?!

A family photo in front of the Christmas tree.

See those Thomas and Friend's shoes on his feet? He just couldn't resist wearing them right away!

And this present is from Santa @ the Condo's party. His favourite digger! See how happy he was?! He even pose for the photo take which was really rare!

And what's my Christmas's present? My best present is FINALLY, my baby can sit in the car seat for short distance drive (20minutes so far) without crying!!! Isn't it great news! YIPPEE!!! I can at least have my sanity back when I have to ferry the kids around!!


Angeline said...

Wwwwaaaahhhhh I love your PRESENT THE MOST!!!
Hooray to you!

so Nicholas didn't go up when Santa called, who took the present on his behalf?

Blessed mum said...

the 2 sisters

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, you are realy good..can whip up a sumptuous dinner at the last minute :)

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Happy New Year to you.

Why Nicholas did not want to join the game and also take the present from Santa? The digger is very big!

But the Santa really generous with gift yeah, the
The Santa looks abit scary to me, and I am sure Sarah will cried when she sees him. She dislike Santa and I do not know why...Hmmm...

Great job to your first attempt in cooking Christmas meal, I am sure it taste great!

Michelle, you have a nice and cozy house.

Pet said...

Wow, what a BIG tree! Christmas is really a lovely time of the year for the children.


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